Disposable Injection Plastic Suction Cap

Plastic Suction Cap

Introducing our Plastic Suction Cap, the perfect accessory for airtight sealing and freshness preservation. Keep your food fresh and delicious with our innovative Plastic Suction Cap, designed to lock in flavor. Discover the power of suction with our Plastic Suction Cap, the ultimate solution for leak-proof storage. Organize your pantry and extend the shelf life of your ingredients with our reliable Plastic Suction Cap. Upgrade your food storage game with our Plastic Suction Cap, designed to keep your meals tasting their best. Keep your snacks and leftovers fresh for longer with our durable Plastic Suction Cap.
  • Description
  • Material PP
    Application Food and beverage packaging
    Advantage Easy to operate, convenient to use
    Size 38 spout/30 spout/28 spout/25 spout
    Reusable or not Yes
    Dishwasher safe
    Can be used for heating, microwave Yes

    More details:

    The Plastic Suction Cap is equipped with a suction nozzle or suction cup. Users can drink drinks directly through the suction nozzle without using other drinking utensils, which improves the convenience of drinking. Since the plastic suction cap has an independent suction nozzle, users can directly point the suction nozzle to their mouths to drink, reducing contact with cups or other drinking utensils and reducing the risk of bacterial transmission. The main material of the plastic suction cover is polypropylene. Polypropylene is a non-toxic, odorless material that meets food safety standards to ensure the safety of beverages and food. Plastic suction caps are available in 38 ports/30 ports/28 ports and 25 ports. Different sizes of lids are available to meet the needs of different types and sizes of beverage containers. This allows consumers to choose the right cup lid based on their needs.

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