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Modern Energy-Saving Environment-Friendly Factory

Suzhou Youtuo Industrial Co., Ltd., which spans a 50 mu area, is situated in the Yangtze River Delta Region's Fenhu High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province. With our more favorable production tools, we can create an environmentally friendly company with strong core competitiveness and pricing advantage.

Suzhou Youtuo Industrial Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Youtuo Industrial Co., Ltd.

We Work Hard to Contribute to The Protection of The Earth'S Environment.

  • Suzhou Youtuo Industrial Co., Ltd.

    All of the raw components we employ come from plants that have been harvested, fermented, and polymerized. It can be entirely broken down by natural microorganisms into carbon dioxide and water required for plant growth in a composting setting.

  • Suzhou Youtuo Industrial Co., Ltd.

    We are a business with a storied past and a strong sense of civic duty. We make an effort to contribute to the protection of the earth's environment. We'll keep working hard to create fresh eco-friendly products in the future.

Sustainable Development

To support our clients' sustainable growth goals and help them dominate the market, we are always coming up with new ideas. Youtuo is implementing sustainable development principles and providing its own support for environmental protection by setting scientific targets, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and managing natural resources. We warmly invite businesspeople from across the world to come and do business with us, work together to develop our industries, and support our efforts to safeguard the environment.

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